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To make a long story short, this website remains the only source of the facts discussed in the Crawford Lake story.  I hoped others would pick up the story, but that has not been the case.  While media outlets were busy ignoring me, the traffic to this website was increasing steadily (and I am very grateful).   Unfortunately, most of the visitors here were not seeing the story either.   So I decided to retool the site so that you really can't miss it anymore. 

I know that's a drag for frequent visitors, who probably feel like they're navigating a hall of mirrors, so I've installed an escape hatch for anyone willing to read a few sentences.  The blank space between "" and "About" at the top of the Crawford Lake story contains a link to a page that will allow you to access the index pages.   Right now the index pages are readily available to all, but I will hide them if traffic to the Crawford Lake story declines substantially.  You will then have no choice but to go through the Crawford Lake story to find them.

The nuclear option is to turn all 39,000 content pages into the Crawford Lake story.  Hopefully it doesn't come to that, but it might.

Right now the Crawford Lake story is the default link for things I am still working on, so you're probably going to run into it more than you'd like.  Just click the blank spot and be on your way. 

This page also contains the blank spot link (all others do not), so you might as well try it now.  Godspeed.